Treebones Resort

When I first heard of Treebones Resort, a glamping experience, I had heard of their Twig Hut, Human Nest and Treehouse. Turns out their grounds also have yurts, campsites and a couple “Autonomous Tents,” a giant cocoon-like, ocean-view glamping experience with its own private bathroom and shower. However, when my friend Tess called me with the opportunity to tag along for an overnight stay, I jumped!

A peek into Twig Hut

Treebones does a beautiful job of providing amenities while still given you the peaceful natural experience of the outdoors. I was highly impressed at how well-kept their facilities were. They also have a temperature-controlled pool and hot-tub. Treebones is a little off-grid and do boast their own Lodge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wifi connectivity is available at the central Lodge.

Ocean View window from “Twig Hut”

We only stayed one night but had wished we have booked more time there. We opted for the yurt (#15) which had it’s own “remote” bathroom. Our yurt was set further from the central location, which gave us more quiet and privacy and we had a separate bathroom facility that was pretty much our own. (Showers are located at the central building– again, beautifully kept). Although, without service and wifi (which I LOVED), the yurts boasted electricity, a sink, and a fireplace. It was the perfect amount of luxury amenity, and yet, the remoteness of outdoor peace.

Our humble abode for the night: Yurt #15

We sat on our private deck, overlooking the ocean, with glasses of rosé that we brought and had our girl talk. As the afternoon light faded, we moved to the Lodge for dinner. Although indoor dining was unavailable, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions enforced, the temperate weather was ideal for outdoor seating and the surround ocean view made for more incentive to sit outdoors on their patio. After dinner, we went back for more girl talk with bottle of wine and lit the fireplace for some cozy ambiance. It was such a great escape from the busyness of the world.

Outdoor bar seating area at sunset at The Treesbones Resort Lodge

The surrounding grounds are wild, but well-kept and trimmed. Birds, bees and hummingbirds flit around as you enjoy the quiet. There are plenty of little, private seating areas to embrace the smells and sights of nature and the sweeping ocean views.

Well-like water feature set centrally in the yurt village with a nearby swinging bench to rest upon

This resort is a wonderful and welcome reprieve from the woes of phone calls, emails, and social media. The lack of cellphone service and wifi (except at the Lodge–which can still be a bit spotty) is not for those attached their screens and obsessed with the ongoings of TikTok and Instagram. As much as their views, facilities, and accommodations are “gram-worthy,” the lack of service forces you to focus your attention on simply enjoying nature, yourself and your company.

I, for one, welcomed the silence. With the need for constant attachment to my phone due to my job, I loved being forced to put the phone down and enjoy my surroundings.

Treebones uniquely adds nature into their artfully created huts. Their creative integration of nature into their resort grounds, while still keeping it well-kept, is beautiful done. With that being said, it’s easy to enjoy the surrounding distractions.

Stairway leading to the Twig Hut

-You can only access Treebones from the south (I-5 South). The I-5 is still closed, north of Treebones, so if you are coming from anywhere above Treebones’ location, you must drive south and around, through Cambria via 46W to the I-5N up to Treebones.

-Cell service gets spotty once you pass Cambria/San Simeon as you head north on I-5, so be sure to let people know your whereabouts and that you will be out of cell reach, especially once at Treebones Resort.

-No dogs, or children under age 6, allowed in order to keep the ambiance of this quiet reprieve.


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